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United Compassion Fund

The United Compassion Fund, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity, is an employee-funded, first-response program that assists employees experiencing financial hardship as the result of an uncontrollable crisis.

The Compassion Fund is managed by a Board of field employees who make all binding program and grant decisions.  To date, the Compassion Fund has provided millions of dollars of assistance to hundreds of UR employees and their families.

To set up a one-time or ongoing donation from your payroll, follow the steps below:

  • Log into Workday from a desktop computer. (At this time, setting up a donation is not available through the Workday app.)
  • From your home page search bar, type Voluntary Deductions and select the Voluntary Deductions link under Tasks and Reports
  • Select Add
  • Click into the Deduction box and select United Compassion Fund
  • Choose either a one-time or ongoing donation
  • Select today’s date or later; donations will start on the paycheck after that date
  • In the Value box, add the dollar amount of your donation (this is the amount you will donate per paycheck)
  • Select Done

Awards from the Fund are considered non-taxable income, and donations to the Fund are tax deductible under applicable IRS rules.

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