Additional Benefit

What Is the Vacation Donation Program?

The Vacation Donation Program provides eligible* U.S. employees the opportunity to assist other employees who are facing a medical emergency or have been affected by a natural disaster. Employees who want to assist may anonymously donate their accrued vacation time to a company bank; employees in need then apply for time off from that bank.

Who Can Contribute?

All non-union UR employees who are eligible to accrue vacation time may contribute. You may contribute to the vacation bank in one-hour increments. Even the smallest donations add up quickly and make a difference.

How Can I Contribute?

If you have accrued vacation or sick tome to donate to the company bank, fill out the Vacation Donation Contribution Form. Donations are made anonymously and participation in the program is voluntary. Due to IRS regulations, employees are not permitted to donate to specific individuals in need, only to the company bank. Go to and type Vacation Donation in the search box.