Voluntary Medical Plans


Major injuries are painful. But the financial impact of the medical treatment doesn’t have to be. Accident Insurance pays benefits directly to you if you suffer a covered injury such as a fracture, burn, ligament damage, or concussion. Benefits are paid even if you have other coverage. The benefit amount is calculated based on the type of injury, its severity, and what medical services are required in treatment and recovery. The plan covers a wide variety of injuries and accident-related expenses, including:
  • Injury Treatment (fractures, dislocations, concussions, burns, lacerations, and   Hospitalization
  • Physical Therapy
  • Emergency Room Treatment
  • Transportation

Critical Illness

You can protect yourself from the unexpected costs of a serious illness. Even the most generous medical plan does not cover all the expenses of a major medical condition like a heart attack or cancer. Critical Illness Insurance pays a full lump sum benefit directly to you if you are diagnosed with a covered illness that meets the plan criteria. The benefit is paid in addition to any other insurance coverage you may have.
  • Covered Critical Illnesses include:
  • Heart Attack    
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Major Organ Transplant
  • End-Stage Renal (Kidney) Failure
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Surgey**
  • COVID-19**
** The coverage pays 50% of the face amount of the policy once per lifetime for coronary bypass surgery and 25% for COVID-19.
For COVID-19, certain conditions need to be met before a claim is paid.

Hospital Indemnity

Even with medical insurance, a hospital stay can cost you thousands of dollars in deductibles and coinsurance. Hospital Indemnity Insurance pays a benefit directly to you if you or a covered family member receives hospital care. You receive a benefit for being admitted to the hospital and then for each day you’re confined. Additional benefits are paid based on the type of services you receive including emergency room or intensive care unit.