Additional Benefit

Vacation Buy Program

This program allows the purchase of one to five days of additional vacation, to be used after earned vacation time is exhausted. By electing this coverage, you agree to all program conditions. Available only during annual fall Open Enrollment. Not available during New Hire Enrollment.

  • Full-time, non-union employees are eligible if they have not reached the four-week accrual rate prior to the start of the year for which they are buying extra vacation. Vice Presidents and above are ineligible.
    • Branch employees: Additional vacation requests must be approved and used during the first quarter (January to March) or fourth quarter (October to December) only.
  • Available for purchase during Open Enrollment only and to be deducted each paycheck, in equal amounts, before taxes.
  • Purchased vacation does not roll over. If left unused, it will be reimbursed in your last paycheck of the year. If you have a negative vacation balance when employment ends, the amount owed is deducted from your final paycheck.